We help white people who are a little “woke” about racism have more productive dialogue with other whites who don’t share their understanding. 

The White Ally Toolkit/Ally Conversation Toolkit helps white anti-racism allies do their part in the fight against racism. We empower and equip them with the RACE Method, a unique and effective approach we have designed from best practices of non-violent communication (listening, storytelling, and compassion) and the neuroscience of persuasion. Using the RACE Method, white anti-racism allies become more persuasive in conversations with racism skeptics (people who are skeptical that racism against people of color is a real problem) and can positively influence them. We are working to help move the racism needle in America. #MovetheNeedle #RACEtoEngage

This website is for people who believe that: 1) racism against people of color is a specific problem that needs to be addressed; 2) unless we address this, America’s overall progress will be undermined; 3) white people have a special obligation and role to pay in dismantling racism; and 4) productively talking with other whites is part of that obligation.

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