Dr. David Campt

Dr. David Campt is an engaging, thought-provoking speaker adept at infusing humor into his reflections. His insights captivate audiences and move their thinking to a higher level of discernment and clarity.

Dr. Campt is an expert in several fields related to creating a more inclusive and empowered society, Dr. David Campt shares his thoughts with the public through several books, articles, opinion pieces, and blogs.  

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. David Campt  is considered a national expert in the areas of inclusion and equity, cultural competence, intergroup dialogue and collective wisdom.

Dr. Campt teaches strategies for changing attitudes, behavior, and group culture through dialogue. His clients make new choices so that peoples insights are honored, relationships are improved, and collective goals are more effectively pursued. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker, facilitator, trainer, and strategist who helps ensure meetings and conferences meet objectives by enhancing conversations